In a gesture of generosity and social commitment, His Majesty Sicily recently donated delicious "Amuri & Cori" almond pastries to the Maria Letizia Verga Committee of Monza. Proceeds from the sales of these delicacies will go entirely to charity to support research. The choice of this specific donation was prompted by the realization that children are the most fragile, and therefore deserve special support.

"An unbreakable alliance based on believing in it together: parents, physicians, health workers, researchers, volunteers, supportive friends, associations, institutions and companies."

The association "Maria Letizia Verga Committee" ODV, founded in 1979, brings together parents, volunteers, supportive friends, researchers, physicians and health care providers in an alliance that aims to improve the overall quality of life of the child and youth affected by hematoncological diseases and metabolic and genetic diseases of high therapeutic complexity.

Sweetness That Supports Research

Special almond paste packages not only satisfy the palate, but also represent a tangible commitment to scientific research. The fragility of children during difficult times such as the pandemic prompted "Amuri&Cori" to select this cause, demonstrating that taste can be a vehicle of solidarity and hope, especially for those in need of care and support.

A Collaboration that Makes a Difference

This initiative testifies to the importance of collaboration between the private sector and charitable organizations. The decision to allocate the proceeds to the Maria Letizia Verga Committee, with the focus on the most fragile children, is a significant step in the direction of concrete support for research, demonstrating "Amuri&Cori's" tangible commitment to making a difference in the community.

The Taste of Solidarity for Fragile Children

In addition to delighting palates with its unique creations, "Amuri&Cori" emphasizes that taste can be a vehicle for conveying messages of solidarity, especially toward the most vulnerable children. Each package of almond paste purchased represents a small but significant contribution to research and a demonstration of affection for those who will benefit.

A Sweetest Thank You for Protecting the Little Ones

Many thanks to all those who supported this initiative by purchasing "Amuri&Cori" almond pastries. With your contribution, we are together making a concrete contribution to research and helping to spread gentleness in every direction. Protecting the most fragile children is our mission, and thanks to your support, we are one step closer to achieving it.

The committee's vision

For 42 years, the committee has been engaged in the fight against children's leukemia by tackling the disease and treatment by taking on the family's problems in the name of a therapeutic alliance based on an identity of purpose between doctors and parents. Thanks to advances in research today more than 85 percent of children with leukemia or lymphoma are cured, up from 30 percent in 1979. The committee will continue to work in support of research so that even those 15 percent of children who do not make it today can achieve complete recovery.

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This initiative is a tangible example of how the culinary world can be an ally in the fight against the most complex challenges, demonstrating that taste can have an impact beyond mere culinary pleasure.

By purchasing Amuri & Cori at the Maria Letizia Verga Committee (Via Cadore, snc, 20900 Monza MB), you contribute to the care of the most fragile children.