Her Majesty Sicily led an important charity initiative during the Covid period, bringing comfort and joy to children at such a difficult time. In collaboration with the mayor of Oliveri, we heartily donated our "Amuri & Cori" cookies, spreading sweetness and giving smiles. Collaboration with the mayor was crucial to the success of this initiative. The synergy between the private sector, the mayor, and the youth of the Oliveri Youth Council, who distributed cookies directly to children's homes, shows how joining forces can have a significant impact on community well-being. Our cookies are not only a treat for the palate, but represent a gesture of affection to the children of our country. In a time of uncertainty and change, we wanted to bring some normalcy and joy into their lives.

The initiative aimed to convey a message of hope, showing that the community is united in supporting each other. In conclusion, this charity initiative proved that even a small gesture can have a significant impact on people's lives. Working with the mayor has reinforced our commitment to be a positive agent in the community, inspiring us to constantly seek new ways to contribute to the well-being of all. Warm thanks to all who made this project possible and to those who continue to support us in our mission to spread joy and solidarity.