Selection of fruit spreads + Amuri and Cori

The taste-rich proposal to give as a gift or share with the family contains:

Amuri and Cori | Apricots | Orange & Kumquat | Newhall Orange | Lemon | Mandarin | Orange and Chocolate | Black Mulberries

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Explore the authenticity of artisanal Sicilian fruit jams, made with love and dedication without any industrial process. Each spoonful is a sensory journey through the rich flavors of juicy oranges, freshly picked mulberries and aromatic apricots, all hand-picked in Sicily. Artisanal production guarantees the integrity and freshness of the fruit, giving each jar a unique and genuine sweetness. Delight yourself with the authentic essence of our land, packed with passion and commitment, for a jam experience that goes beyond all expectations.

Our selection comes in an elegant ennobled cardboard box with a unique and original design.

Additional information
Weight 3,1 kg
Gift wrapping
  • Exclusive special cardboard box with hot-stamped silver embossing (marked His Majesty Sicily)
  • Ennobled paper card (marked His Majesty Sicily).

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