Fantasy and pop taste for this Caltagirone ceramic Moor’s Head made exclusively for His Majesty Sicily. Glossy white background and multicolor embellishments for this creation perfect for adding an exuberant touch to pop, brightly colored interiors.

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Buy this product and get 56-169 points - for a value of 5,60 -16,90 

Over the top, with simple, instinctive features. Naif is a line of Sicilian Moors rich in fantasy but with a great deal of suggestiveness.These are exuberant majolica tiles with a sweet character but full of energy thanks to the bright and effervescent color tones. The Moorheads in the Naif collection shake up the concept of tradition and push ceramic work into a path steeped in art and creativity. They are handcrafted creations, entirely molded and decorated by hand, with youthful and fantastic features, as direct as the purest emotions. Genuine and surreal, they express a poetic and fantastic vision of reality, abandoning the traditional forms of Moor Heads to take on a physiognomy reminiscent of cups or vases. Characteristic of the Naif line are the very bright colors that decorate the faces in glossy white and conceal small homages to Sicily, such as the Inda fig leaves typical of our very region. An extrovert and over-the-top collection could only have sparkling decorations such as the fiery red chili peppers used in the effervescent hairstyles of the Teste di Moro or the prickly pear plants of the models designed to enhance the more rural and colorful heart of Sicily. Naif by His Majesty Sicily, is a personalized and exclusive collection that enhances a very original and never trivial sense of aesthetics, believes in the wonder of authenticity and is designed for anyone who wants to add a touch of creativity to their home.

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Verus has created a collection of Caltagirone ceramic Moorheads inspired by the Naif movement exclusively for His Majesty Sicily. And of this very special artistic current he extolled the frank, genuine character, the interpretation of reality entrusted to the power of colors.

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Carefully prepared special packaging. The ceramics in the Naif collection are wrapped in special foam, which protects their wonderful details while ensuring maximum safety throughout transport.

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