His Majesty Sicily

Craftsmen for generations

We are the soul of Sicilian craftsmanship, a company founded with passion and vision, led not only by young creative minds, but also by women who bring a unique perspective. This combination inspired us to turn traditions into modern treasures. Our passion translates into exceptional products, from pastries to jams, preserves to oil, and even hand-molded and hand-painted ceramics.

Charter of Values

At His Majesty Sicily, we believe that values are the foundation of our identity and the driving force behind our mission. We are proud to share with you the principles that guide us every day, as we believe that understanding our values means truly knowing who we are.


Passion for excellence

We thrive on a deep passion for excellence. We never settle for the "good," but work unceasingly to achieve the "best." This unwavering commitment to quality is the foundation on which we build our reputation and your trust.


Respect for craftsmanship

We are custodians of centuries-old traditions, but at the same time we embrace innovation. We respect and value craftsmanship, the skilled hands that create our products, while adopting the latest technology to constantly improve.


Social and Environmental Responsibility

We care deeply about our impact on society and the environment. We believe that business success must be intrinsically linked to social and environmental responsibility. We are committed to reducing our impact and actively contributing to the well-being of the communities in which we operate.


Customers at the center

Our customers are the beating heart of our business. We always put them at the center of our decisions. Every step we take, every product we create, is designed to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.


Honesty and Integrity

We are committed to acting honestly and with integrity in every aspect of our work. Our word is our guarantee, and your trust is sacred to us.


Growth and Innovation

We believe that learning and growth are fundamental to excellence. We are open to innovation, change and the constant challenge to improve. Our desire to grow is the key to our lasting success.


Team As Family

In His Majesty Sicily, our team is our family. We support each other, inspire each other to grow and share a common vision. Each member brings a unique contribution to our mission.


Dedication to Sicily

Sicily is our home and our inspiration. We are dedicated to preserving its traditions, celebrating its beauty and bringing its authentic essence into everything we do.


Diversity and Inclusion

We believe in welcoming diversity and including everyone. We provide a fair, respectful and inclusive work environment where everyone can contribute in a meaningful way.

By purchasing our products you support small artisans.

Choose how you want to be part of our world. Purchase conveniently from our online shop or visit one of our authorized dealers. Remember, every purchase from us helps to keep local craft traditions alive, supporting small artisans and preserving the culture of Sicily.